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Chapter 1, the white screen

Hi again everyone

So, exams are still happening. And believe me I wanted to post last week, but I just couldn’t really. I actually need to get some writing done to post things here :P. I said that I was going to design my world as a first, but I’ve noticed that writing the first chapter has changed my thoughts about the world in many ways. So I’m first going to complete that. For the moment I have about 4 pages, which is nothing I know. But I’ve finally found a way of writing which I’m comfortable with, and feel good about. Which is very hard for me. Perfectionism isn’t really something I care about normally, but my writing seems to be the odd thing out here.

I think I’ve deleted about 10 000 words already. Thinking this won’t cut it, this won’t cut it at all. Seems that was largely the fault of trying to force myself to write in the first person. Because things felt awkward and I wasn’t feeling the things I was writing, I rewrote them in the third person limited. The effect that had was amazing. I smiled at that realisation. The scene flowed more natural, and some of the plot devices I’ve had in my head will work a lot better in this narrative too. It allows me to describe my main character more. And that’s awesome, since he’s kind of a complicated guy.

Now that I’m speaking of characters, I’ve come to a weird conclusion when writing some of there characteristics. The more I thought about it, the clearer it became. Those people, are actually fragments of my self. In some way, not literally of course. The main character for example, is a wise nose. But he’s also very dedicated to this grand plan of life he has made for himself. That is something that I have never been able to do. Dedicating myself to something entirely. So he is something of a, wish? Or more like a what if situation for myself. What if I was like that? How would my life look right now? Those are questions I’ve been asking myself lately, which is funny, because I normally don’t question myself like that. For the record, I completely hate the main character. Really, if I had to talk to someone like him, I’d probably be irritated in like 5 minutes. If he’d want to talk to me that long of course :P.

I’ve read somewhere that once you’ve defined a character somewhat, they start talking to you. And in doing so, define themselves so much further. At first, I thought this was absolutely ridiculous. I mean, people that here voices in their head, are mostly seen as crazy right? But apparently that’s normal, they do actually talk to you. When thinking about dialogue, they tend to answer lines thrown at them on their own. Certain reactions to certain situations just play out by themselves in my head. It’s actually kind of awesome. That way I’m sure it has a natural flow and feeling to it. I’m always scared that the story will look completely fabricated and that it’ll have no shred of feeling to it. I’m not a “feeling” person so that fear is very real for me.

On the note of feelings. I’ve started to develop some kind of use when watching movies or reading books. I analyse everything now, pondering about the emotions that are portrayed there. This is something I’ve never done before. For example, when I watched the last Harry Potter in the cinema. When I got out of the theatre, I overheard 2 girls talking about how they cried their eyes out when Snape died (I hope I haven’t ruined anyone’s day with this spoiler). They also said that anyone who didn’t cry was clearly a robot. Well, seems I’m a robot. And I’m afraid my emotion AI is a bit broken too. But I’m fixing it apparently. Which can only be a good!

Thanks for reading! And see you next time 🙂



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Researching is important!

Hi there! Happy new year!

I’m having myself two weeks of vacation for the moment and thought that I would have waaaayyyyy too much time, and so able to write a lot. Well, that hasn’t been the case. One of the reasons is that I’m studying for my exams. I started an evening course in IT this year. I never finished college since I was way to lazy to study, I’m paying for that now. And I understand that it was a mistake to act the way I acted in the past, so I’m trying to sort of redeem myself through this evening course. It’s hard to study, work, sport and write at the same time. But I manage, one way or the other. I’m quitting table tennis next year though, the evening course has priority on everything else so for times sake I have no choice.

One of the things I did do was reviewing everything I had for the moment, and starting to review that (Which was about 11 pages). Of course, as is natural for me, I started doubting the quality and level of writing. So I started to look up writer stuff. And in doing that I discovered the necessity of research. While originally just trying to wing it, that brought a lot of changes with it, and in turn absorbed a lot of time too. Basically I’ve changed, EVERYTHING. And started researching the norse mythos as a basis on which to build my world. I’ve also deleted my prologue, by reading a certain article on Wordplay. This is the link: http://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/2007/12/skip-prologue.html

What is described in there, is a loose description of what my prologue was meant to do. It was no fun to notice that, it was a feeling that really frustrated me. But still, I can see the logic now and a prologue was no necessity from the start. In fact it was a ploy to force feed my readers information. Which honestly doesn’t sound like a very good idea. So, that’s gone.

Instead of going for the first chapter, I’ll be building up my world first. Drawing some maps, writing the history and conflicts already existing when the story begins. In my daily life I work with maps all the time, since I’m a GIS (geographic information systems) user. It’s something I like to do very much, and so I have a basic understanding of geography and the foundation which our world rests on. You need an actual world as a basis for the characters and the story and since I refuse to use the modern world I just have to create my own. Sure there’ll be some likeness with our world as it is, but which fantasy world doesn’t have those. Drawing has never been one of my good points sadly, but I get the feeling that if I ask someone else to do it, I won’t get the result I want. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, and I’m not like to burden other people with that. So I’ll just try and do it myself. Maybe I’ll even post pictures (if it actually looks like a map :P).

As a finishing note, I’ve been having this strange feeling of late when I’m thinking about my writing in general. A sort of nervous feeling. This is something that doesn’t happen a lot. I tend to be a very uninterested person about almost everything. But when I get that feeling, it means I care. Which is a good sign to say the least. And now for some extra time, now that would be awesome 😀

That’s it for this week. If anyone knows some good books of norse,celtic, greek or roman mythology. Or has something to say in general, feel free to leave a comment 🙂


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January 2, 2013 · 10:20 pm