Getting started!

Hi there, first post! Now isn’t that exciting 🙂

First I have to say that at the present moment I’ve actually started writing. Which was no easy task at all. I kept delaying and delaying by saying things like, I’ll start when I’ve finished that book, or I can’t write when I have a project that big coming. Having read the entire “A song of ice and fire” series without even getting a good start says a lot I think. But the good news is I’ve finally found the resolve to actually do it. Only problem is that I’m kind of scared to let people know, afraid of their opinions and comments really. I know that I probably shouldn’t make a big deal out of things like that but it bothers me. What if people I know say the story isn’t good, or even better absurd? Or the writing’s all wrong? I’m not sure that I could handle that in this stadium of the writing process, so I’ve kind of limited that group of people to the bare minimum.I’ll tell more and more people as I get some confidence in my storytelling. 

Writing this blog is a big step in the confidence area, and serves as a part of my “writerification” (don’t know if that counts as a word). Creating an account on was also a part of that, as far as I can see it’s a living and breathing community of people that fell in love with the written word. And would like no more then to express themselves that way. If being a part of something like that doesn’t help me in my quest, I’m not sure anything will. The site gives you the possibility to write, post and review stories and books and the like. I’d like to try and get some opinions on my way of writing and the story in itself that way. Better to change some things now than to edit 100 pages of text for some weird language mistake I keep making. I still am pretty scared though and hope through the bottom of my heart that it doesn’t get shot down, that would be a little depressing I think.

But like I said before, the journey has begun, and that is the most important! One of the first problems I’ve encountered is how to actually start the book. Do I make a prologue? or just throw the reader in the story? While pondering the possible answers of that question, I started asking myself what I like in books the most. And I honestly have to say that I like myself a good prologue. Sort of like a quick look in the future and the things to come. When I pick up a book for the first time, that is one of the things that could motivate me into reading it. It makes me all curious and I start asking questions about how did they come to this point, and what does this mean, and that and so on… If I could succeed in just that, I’d be a very happy camper. Seriously, I would be. Because honestly a good story takes you on a trip through your own imagination, you create your own expectations and answers to various scenes that are described and at the same time you hope you’re right. When those hopes get shattered I get this odd feeling that something isn’t quite right. The ability to do that is a rare gift in my opinion, don’t get me wrong, I do like a predictable book at times. It’s just that the unpredictable ones are the real pearls. But i’m afraid i’m trailing off a bit. Long story short, I started with a prologue (but you probably guessed that already).

A second problem is a title. I just can’t come up with one. Maybe I haven’t written enough, or maybe it’ll pop up in my head someday. I have no clue, at all. Also naming the characters is a tough nut to crack, mostly because I’m doubting the need to follow a certain language pattern. Like more germanish names, or simple english names. What I’d like to do the most is just randomly come up with some fantasylike names, ’cause honestly a cool character named bob loses a part of that coolness. 

Being my first post this is a bit of a short one, expect longer ones in the near future. Vacation coming up next week so I’ll have a little more time to continue the story and with it tackle some new problems most likely. See you next week!


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